I’m Ijlal Ahmed,
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I am a full time online marketer, product creator and affiliate marketer since 2015... Selling well over millions of dollars worth of products online.

On the left, meet the A.I version of me.

The broke 15 year old boy who now runs a million dollar company..

Today, I got a story to share...

A story of how a broke 15 year old kid generated over a million dollars in sales online before he turned 20.

Alright, sit down, grab some popcorns and fasten your seat belts because I am going to take you on a roller coaster ride.

Well, not literally - but calling my life a rollercoaster wouldn't be an exaggeration.

Today I am going to share things that I have never in my life shared with anyone online or offline, besides a select few. I mean I do have shared tidbits here and there but today it's going to be everything.

Where It All Starts...

My entrepreneurial journey starts at a very, very young age.

It was all going very good, we were a happy family, our bills were paid and we didn't have anything to worry about. But things started going downhill and never really made their way back up. I was about 10 years old, I think, when my school administration pulled me out of my class and took me to the school library. Where I sat wondering why am I here for the entire day.

Later I got to know that my school fee hadn't been paid for the past 4 months and so I couldn't really sit in the classes anymore until that was cleared. And mind you this was one of the top 3 schools in my country so it really was expensive.I was always a good student, I was always among the top 5 students in my class. A little above average and I really did love studying.

My grades were usually pretty solid. But long story short, we couldn't afford that school anymore so I had to kinda dropout for a short 6-months or so. During those 6 months, I didn't go to any school. What I did instead was I started a candy stall right in front of my home. I'd make a profit of $1 every day from that :)

Like the one you see on the right.

Ran that for a while and got admission in a new school. This time, the school, however, didn't really had the ambiance I was used to. I came from a school where a teacher would never even shout at you and now I was in a school, where the teacher wouldn't think twice before slapping the shit out of you. In fact, they'd slap you around for fun.

(It's usually not a big deal getting beaten by teachers in our culture)

I couldn't fit into that atmosphere. I'd bunk classes and cry in the school bathroom for hours. I'd go to the medic and complain about a new thing every day just so they'd call my mom and ask me to take me home.

It worked a few times, but then everyone got used to my lame excuses. I honestly hated that school. That has to be the worst part of my life. Long story short, didn't really lasted long in that school - think maybe 3-4 months tops. Things, however, kept going downhill, we were taking on a lot of debt and my parents even took some bank loans, so we'll have a new banker on our door almost every second day.

Man, I really hated that shit.

What I will never forget however is the time we didn't even had any money to buy (prescribed) milk for my then youngest sister. It would cost $5 and last 3 days. And we literally didn't had the money to buy that. $5. LITERALLY.

In all this time I was still doing different kind of stupid things trying to make money. I opened a french fries stall in front of my home, I also sold biscuits and candies for a while on a stall in front of my home.

All of that while jumping from one school to another.

In 3 years, I had to change 4 schools.

We just couldn't afford them. I went from studying in the best schooling system in my country to the worst. From a school that had a tuition fee of $70/m to a school that had a tuition fee of $7/month.

I am sure you can imagine the difference between the atmosphere it would have been. And how big of a mental toll was all of this for me.

Heck, for all of my family too. I eventually dropped out of schooling in the 12th grade after failing 4 exams. We were all hustling.

Mama would work all day, take care of us all night.
Pops was driving taxi in UAE.
Elder brother was doing small mechanical repairs.

And I was doing my thing. It wasn't until 8th grade I stumbled upon building websites online - I must be 14 years old at this time.

This was also when we finally had enough money to buy a computer. (I had previously owned computers) My setup at that time was a Pentium 4, keyboard, mouse, headphones and a CRT monitor. That entire setup cost less than $100.

I started building websites using an online service called webs.com (just checked and they do still exist lol).

I honestly didn't know what I was doing. I used to play online games so I thought it'd be a good idea to build websites where I had games. So, that's where I started.

Long story short - I didn't really had people coming to my sites. I mean, it was a subdomain site and was pretty ugly too... so not sure if I could blame the people. (Searched for the site after typing this and seems like that site is still online. https://gamerzin.webs.com/ - crazy)

So, since this idea flopped. I decided I would sell something via websites. And so I built another site https://buysociality.webs.com/ I planned to sell things like likes/followers/views etc on people's social media channels and I even got people interested in it.

But, no one ever really bought anything from me. So, that idea flopped eventually too.

This image was generated using A.I by the way, kinda cool, right? (Fun fact: That face is actually me as a kid.)

When things finally turned around...

Now, this is when I stumbled upon the JVzoo Product creation/affiliate marketing industry. It took me a while to learn how things worked.

I launched my first product (as an affiliate manager) I think in September of 2015 - I would have been 16 years old at that time.

This product did 100 sales and got me my first email list of prospects.

To them, I sold some other products as an affiliate. (Gotta say, not proud of that product or what went down thereafter.) But now I finally had a starting point.

I launched another product after a while and that did around 500 sales. Eventually launched Contentio in 2016 and did well over 6 figures in sales.

Right now, products that I and my company have created have produced well over a million dollars in sales. That is excluding any sort of affiliate income. I turned 24 this year and as I sit here reflecting on all of this that happened in my life.

Now I compare the stuff I have on my desk to what I had 5 years ago.

It just feels so good. I am typing this on an MacBook Air (M2) - it costed me around $1200, right beside it I have an Asus swift 3 and an HP Envy 360. I have a iphone that costs over a $1,000 and my microphone, camera, lights, chair and table would probably come up to another $1,000.

I don't have any debt to pay. All my bills are paid. My family is happy.

5 years ago, I was working from a setup that cost less than a $100.

I had no phone. And I didn't even had a table to put my computer on. You know what should be your take away from this?

That with the right amount of work put in consistently you my friend can change your life. 5 years is nothing. It would have passed with either me putting in the work or without.

That's the thing about time. It passes. Good or bad it passes.

You're the only person who can change your financial position.

I literally had ZERO money to invest when I began. Honestly, ZERO.

I couldn't buy a domain, I couldn't buy a hosting service. And yet here I am today. Just keep your head down, put in the work and trust the process. You will get where you want to be.

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