How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Promoting Only One Product

Breakdown of 2 major unorthodox ways of making money as an affiliate

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Promoting Only One Product


Affiliate marketing is a popular way to earn money by promoting multiple products as an affiliate. However, in this blog post, we will explore a unique approach that involves focusing on a single product and promoting it for the long term. By becoming a user of the product and showcasing its various uses, affiliates can generate significant profits. We will discuss two real-life case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of this strategy.

Case Study 1: Mike Major and Convertri

Mike Major, an affiliate marketer, has achieved remarkable success by exclusively promoting Convertri, a top-notch page builder. As an avid user of the product, Mike has created a portfolio showcasing the diverse ways in which Convertri can be utilized. He offers this valuable content for free, attracting leads and generating sales as an affiliate. Mike's approach involves building a membership site where users can access his bonuses and templates when they purchase Convertri through his affiliate link. This strategy has proven to be highly effective in generating profits.

He further establishes himself as a brand using Convertri's Facebook group.

Screenshot of Convertrics
Mike Major's Convertricks

You can take a look at Mike's website where he promotes Convertri, here:

Case Study 2: Wild Audience and ActiveCampaign

Wild Audience, another affiliate marketer, has adopted a similar approach by reselling ActiveCampaign as "Wildmail" specifically targeting European companies. They provide additional features and analytics through a custom dashboard, enhancing the value of the product. By leveraging their reseller rights and white-labeling capabilities, Wild Audience has successfully built a loyal customer base. They offer free email automation sequences and templates, attracting users to their platform. This strategy has allowed them to differentiate themselves in the market and generate substantial revenue.

Screenshot of WildMail's website
WildMail's ActiveCampaign Whitelablel

You can take a look at WildMail here:

Key Considerations:

To implement these strategies effectively, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind:

1. Be a user of the product: It is crucial to be an active user of the product you are promoting. This allows you to showcase its benefits and provide valuable insights to potential customers.

2. Choose a reliable product: Select a product that has a strong reputation and is likely to remain in the market for the long term. This ensures that your efforts will not go to waste.

3. Build an audience: Create a platform, such as a membership site or social media group, where you can engage with potential customers and provide them with valuable content related to the product you are promoting. This can also be a great source of lead generation for you.


Focusing on a single product and becoming an expert in its usage can be a highly profitable affiliate marketing strategy. The case studies of Mike Major and Wild Audience demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach. By being a user of the product, providing valuable content, and building an audience, affiliates can generate significant profits. However, it is essential to choose a reliable product and commit to a long-term strategy. Explore the links provided in this blog post to learn more about these successful affiliate marketing approaches.