Hey, I’m Ijlal Ahmed

I enjoy creating stuff that brings you more traffic, leads & sales.

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What do I do?

I am a full time tech entrepreneur and online marketer

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Well Renowned Marketer

I have been an online marketer since 2015, the word has gotten around and people sort of love my work.

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A.I Specialist

With A.I conquering the world, I have built quite a few tools that utilize its power efficiently and help you minimize workload.

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Award Winning Product Creator

I have created quite a few software and information products that have been very well accepted by my cosutmers.

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Technical Expert

Even though I am not much a coder myself, I know how technologically advanced the world is becoming so I lead my team to stay on top of the drastic enhancements.

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About me

I started in the online marketing world back when I was 16 year old, over the years I have created and released quite a few software and information products that help make the lives of online marketers easier.

I also love training.

You can find me at the gym at least 5 times a week!

Gotta have a six pack, right? 😉

More about me

Want to socialize with me?

CEO & Founder

March 2015 - Present

I built my company Sprout Tech that now has over 15 people working together to build tools that help make your life easy.

CTO & Co-Founder

June 2019 - Present

One of my company Content Gorilla that currently has over 15000+ users, I founded it and I am currently working as a CTO for.

Head Of Email Marketing

August 2020 - Present

I have been working as the head of email marketing at KV Technology where I strategize and create email campaigns that boost the company's ROI.

Expert At Being Sexy

Forever - Forever

Alright, this is just a joke but hey, the design of this website wouldn't have looked this good without my sexy face on it. Won't you agree? 🤪

What my partners say about me

Don't take my word for it, hear it from the people I have worked with...

“Not only is Ijlal an Amazing Product Creator, He's also a powerful Super Affiliate.”

Adeel Chowdhry
Creator Sqribble/Prezentar

“I have been working with Ijlal for over 5 years now, he's an exceptional online marketer who knows what he's talking about.”

Neil Napier
Founder Kyvio
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“I have been working with Ijlal for quite a few years now and he’s one of the most ethical marketers in the industry. His products are always of the highest standards”

Abhi Dwivdi
Founder ReelApps
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